VINILIALAND....let summer begin


Thursday 8 July 2021 at 20:30

Here is the first event of summer 2021

Food by Pietro Penna Chef of Casamatta Restaurant, The King of Mortadella and so much more...

Live music by Banana's RepubliQ.

Street food

The king of Mortadella

Arancina of rice, meat, sauce and mozzarella

Ciabatta, beef, mustard and parmesan cheese


Aubergine caviar and Poverella-style zucchini
Dried tomatoes, peppers and stracciatella
Avocado guacamole, bluefin tuna, yogurt

Orecchiette, meatballs with tomato and ricotta cheese

Live …… Tubettino, green beans and mussels

Maritozzo, fig granita and cream


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