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Tasting menu

Penna 2020


Mussels, mozzarella cheese, Carosello cucumber, friselle and watermelon

Sea urchins, coffee and almond foam

Dedicated to Italy… Spaghetti pasta !!!

Veal, potatoes, olives and lemon

Rosetta sweet roll, chocolate and peach

€ 70

with beverage experience € 105


Tuffo nell’orto


Zucchini flower, Burrata chesse and beetroot

Three different tomatoes taste

Mezze maniche pasta, garlic, olive oil, sweet pepper and green beans

Aubergine Parmigiana!!!

Fruit minestrone with iced tisane

€ 60

with beverage Experience € 95



Casamatta Menu

Seven courses, Chef Pietro Penna' s choice

€ 95

With beverage experience

€ 130

The tasting, due to its complexity, is meant for the whole table and for table of more than 6 people.


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