Tasting Menu

six courses

Truffle collection
onion and pork cheeks, egg yolk and potatoes, salad and vinegar

*Amberjack and friggitelli
passion juice, vermouth, wild herbs and puffed rice

Chicory and broad beans
garlic and black pork

*Langoustines and basil turban
Chicken and chicken
   porcini mushrooms and raspberry
Candied apple
Vanilla and tea


 Tuffo nell'orto
Six courses
Like a Caesar salad
lettuce and bread, mayonnaise, egg and parmesan
Autumn tones
and hazelnut
Beans and truffle
Almond and porcini mushrooms
Potatoes and onion
seaweed and pecorino
Bread and jam


On the way
eight courses
Free choice of Chef Pietro Penna




 Due to its complexity, the tasting is for the whole table


  À la carte 

 To start with


Cauliflower and caviar

lemon and radishes


*Cuttlefish and cuttlefish 

Nduja and garlic


Piglet and roots 

Grapes and yogurt



Warm spaghetti and oyster

pepper, capers and potatoes


Sour risotto

and tomato


Tribute to Milano 

marrowbone tortelli, sage and parmesan cheese



*Red mullet and fennel

broth, rosemary and lemon water


Pigeon meat pie 

cabbage and quince


Lamb for three services 

Chamomile, yogurt, wild herbs



Fig, fennel and olive oil


Purely pomegranate


Caramel and passion fruit


For tables with more of four diners, we invite our guests to choose the tasting menus.


*Dear customer, some of our products on the menu may undergo a chilling process, in order to guarantee the healthiness and quality of the product, those concerned are marked with an asterisk our team remains available for any information



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