Tasting Menu

six courses

Broad beans and strawberries,
eggnog, white shrimp and pan brioche*


*Amberjack and vermouth,
passion juice, fennel and rice

Pasta and potatoes,
friggitelli, oyster and sour sauce

 Asparagus and almond,
meringue and ketchup
Crusted Lamb,
grappa ice cream, celery and pepper
Beetrot, cumin and walnut

Six courses
Radishes, yogurt and smoked almond
Like a Caesar salad
Peas, black bread and beans 
Farmer's tagliolini 
Beetroot steak and bearnaise sauce
Kiwi and mint 

On the way

eight courses

Homemade bread, burrata and mushrooms

*Cuttlefish and cuttlefish,
nduja and garlic

 Sunday ravioli


 Risoni pasta, chicken livers and langoustine*


Pasta, clams and mullet roe


Tuna belly,
ponzusauce, lattuces and tangerine*


Sweetbread and anchovy,
cucumber and yogurt


Melon and lavender, 
tabasco and caramel


 Due to its complexity, the tasting is for the whole table

To make you live an absolute and unconditional experience...

the dishes of the tasting menus are served à la carte

Choice of three courses

Choice of four courses

For tables with more of four diners, we invite our guests to choose the tasting menus.


*Dear customer, some of our products on the menu may undergo a chilling process, in order to guarantee the healthiness and quality of the product, those concerned are marked with an asterisk. Our team remains available for any information



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