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Tasting menus


Penna 2020 - Five courses tasting menu


Amberjack fish, provola cheese, turnip tops and chili peppers

Baby squids, beans and suckling pig broth

Reborn Italy… Spaghetti !!!

Guinea fowl, porcini mushrooms, sage and Armagnac

Chestnut, pomegranate and coffee

€ 70

with wine pairing of 4 labels

€ 110


Dive into the vegetable garden


Pine forest mushrooms, pecorino cheese and hazelnut

Broad beans and leaves

Pasta of the poors

Bread, beans and zangoni wild vegetables

Pumpkin, Tonka bean and farinella

€ 60

with wine pairing of 3 labels 

€ 95



Casamatta Menu

Seven courses, Chef Pietro Penna' s choice

€ 95

with wine pairing of 5 labels

€ 145


The tasting, due to its complexity, is meant for the whole table and for table of more than six people.


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