Apulian experiences


Vinilia has started in the savage land, just outside Salento, Apulia. Here, an antique Castle is transformed into a unique experience of style and warmth, because the beauty is in the eyes of who sees and in the heart of who appreciates it.

Our land is steeped in tradition and it is surrounded by towns such as Manduria, Sava, Oria and Grottaglie and very characteristic landscapes, such as Salina dei Monaci, the Duna coast and the Palude del conte. What about the sea? The crystal clear waters of Torre Colimena and Maruggio, who dive between sand dunes, cliffs overlooking the sea and a wild flora, characterized by junipers, Timpo, rosemary and mastic.

Apulian festival

Every season in Puglia is punctuated by the frenetic rhythms of the music and the food.

Rites and traditions

Each south has its magic. In any southern hemisphere there is a Christian tradition and a pagan one. In any south there is a tradition that merges with the passion, understood in its religious and sometimes mystical sense.

The street of trulli

Martina Franca, Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ceglie: This is the heart of the Itria Valley, a strip of land where the ancient olive trees landscape is dotted by stone buildings typical symbol of rural Puglia.


From papier-mâché Puppetss of Salento to lucky pumi of Grottaglie ‘till the majolica tradition of Laterza. A thread that is the tradition of an ancient and handmade art. Puglia is a land of great artisans and deep traditions.

Wonderful landscape

A few kilometers from Vinilia is possible to live a breathtaking experience for a tourist who wants to compete with the fascinating power of nature, the Gravina of Laterza, 200 meters deep with a length of 12 km in the best tradition of American canyons.

Art and Archaeology

Immersed in the land of wine a few steps from the golden dunes, within walking distance of Vinilia, Manduria with the interesting heritage of the archaeological park and its Salina dei Monaci, a nature reserve that marks the passage of seasonal flamingos, nicely told in' app Visit Manduria.