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Purple prawn, almond

lemon meringue and asparagus



Squid and Squid

lemon, thime and agretti


Veal sweetbreads and langustine,

lampasioni, bouillabaisse and lime


Meat terrine

radish and black truffle



To continue..



Ravioli and crazy water

mussles and pepper


Burnt wheat's tagliolini, red chicken cream

raspberry and rocket salad



Pasta and chickpeas



Risotto and Apulian saffron

marrow and stracchino cheese






Tuna belly seaweed

veggies, eggs and meat juice



Turbot and broadbeans

mozzarella cheese and tomatoes



Lamb, lamb, lamb

celery, yogurt and rosmary


Pigeon and strawberries

wild asparagus, livers and cacao








lemon and camomille


            Pistachio and strawberries


Green thè

black sesame and brioche



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